Al-Susi Furniture Company

The Al-Susi Furniture Company was established in 1987. Prior to the closure, 90% of the company’s goods were sold outside of Gaza, on the Israeli and West Bank markets. The company employed four distributors who worked inside Israel and the West Bank managing accounts and delivery of items. With the onset of the closure, access to markets outside of Gaza was completely cut off and Al-Susi has since had to rely solely on the local market inside the Strip. Consequently, overall profits have declined to approximately 15% of pre-closure figures, and the number of employees has declined from 130 to 60.
In 2005, prior to the closure, the production value of the furniture industry in the Gaza Strip was estimated at $55 million, with approximately 40% of manufactured goods designated for sale in Israel and the West Bank.
Al-Susi is interested in increasing production and sales in Israel and the West Bank should the restrictions on exporting products outside of Gaza be lifted.

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