Ayash Trade and Industry Company

Ayash Trade and Industry Company includes several clothing stores and a sewing workshop with 80 sewing machines, where 100 workers manufactured 10,000 clothing items a month until mid-2007. Most of the items were sold to stores and companies in Israel. The owner of the sewing workshop, Saleh Ayash, worked with Israeli companies, from which he received orders and fabrics, and manufactured clothing according to the patterns they requested. Only 2% of the workshop’s products were sold in Gaza, through stores affiliated with the workshop.

The tightening of the closure and the ban on the export of goods from Gaza to Israel and the West Bank in mid-2007 dealt a severe blow to the sewing and textile industries in Gaza, 70% of whose products were previously sold to those markets. Today the Ayash workshop operates only one week per month, employs less than ten workers and manufactures about 200 items per month, sold to the local market, which also sells ready-made clothing imported to Gaza from Israel. The Ayash Company would like to resume the sale of clothing to Israel once it is allowed to sell its goods outside the Strip.

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