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10 facts about the connection between the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel

Any arrangements reached in the framework of the ceasefire agreement must respect the rights of Palestinians to travel between Gaza and the West Bank. Ten facts about the strong connection between the areas. Continue reading

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Will we always have Paris?

Recent protests in the West Bank have awakened debate on the Paris Protocol, which regulates the economic relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. What is the protocol and what does it reveal about the cooperation that exists between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas? Continue reading

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Interview: Could There Be 'Safe Passage' Tomorrow?

At a time when restrictions on access between Gaza and the West Bank are becoming more entrenched, a group of researchers and diplomats attempt to find a solution for a safe passage to facilitate travel between the two areas. What would this ‘safe passage’ look like? How much would it cost? Is the Israeli government considering it? Continue reading

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Who Controls the Palestinian Population Registry?

When the Palestinian Supreme Court in Ramallah issued a new ruling on 22.10.2010, commentators were quick to declare a breakthrough for the 35,000 Palestinian residents who live in the West Bank but whose registered addresses are in Gaza and who therefore live under the threat of deportation. The ruling ordered the Palestinian Interior Ministry to carry out all the necessary procedures to change these residents’ addresses from the Gaza Strip to the… Continue reading

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