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The long road to Gaza

An Israeli Ministry of Transportation decision to limit traffic on the road leading to Gaza’s sole commercial crossing has been delayed thanks to a court petition. Meanwhile, Israel’s Minister of Defense announced that he gave orders to open Erez Crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip, to traffic of commercial goods. A solution must be found to the dangerous conditions on the road leading to Kerem Shalom, but one that preserves access for goods to and from Gaza. Continue reading

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The Ministry of Economic Defense

We asked the security establishment for information about the procedures for transit of goods from Gaza in the West Bank. Instead of procedures, we received a complex list of considerations. Surprisingly, none of them are related to security Continue reading

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Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 Summary

A year that began in the shadow of operation “Pillar of Defense” and saw tunnel activity stopped almost completely by Egypt – 2013 was not an easy one for Gaza’s residents. An info sheet. Continue reading

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Gaza 2013: Snapshot

What is the cause of the electricity shortage in Gaza? Why are medicines lacking? What’s the fishing zone limit? How close can one approach to the border fence? Access issues in Gaza today in seven parts. Continue reading

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No going back

More than 600 residents of Gaza were unable to visit their relatives over the past week, go to conferences or buy merchandise. Why is this cause for concern? Because the decision to close the crossings in response to rocket fire signifies a return to a tactic that was supposed to have become obsolete years ago. Continue reading

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Export from Gaza: Frequently asked questions.

Over the past few days, the question of whether sale of goods from Gaza will be allowed has seemed more relevant than ever following the reported rise in tomato prices (Hebrew); the response of the Israeli Vegetable Growers Association that it does not oppose the marketing of tomatoes from the Gaza Strip in Israel, and; the end of the season for agricultural export from the Gaza Strip to Europe. We decided to try and provide some answer to the main questions on the topic. Continue reading

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Land crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel

Naturally, Israel exercises complete control over the crossings between it and the Gaza Strip. Since June 2007, it has closed three of the four commercial crossings: Karni, which was Gaza’s commercial life line, through which all trucks exited and most … Continue reading

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If they haven’t bread, let them eat gravel

The eve of Eid al-Adha celebrated this week brought news of a shortage of flour in the Gaza Strip. For the past two weeks, traders and flour mill owners have warned of shortages of wheat in the Strip, claiming that the mills have been providing about half of their production capacity… Continue reading

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A Significant Boost or a Slight Modification?

An article in yesterday’s Haaretz cites Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Brig. Gen. Eitan Dangot’s having told the Palestinian Authority that Israel will facilitate an increase the number of trucks entering Gaza by 50%. Dangot claims that in the near future, Israel will allow 150 trucks per day via Kerem Shalom and the equivalent of 120 trucks per day of aggregates via the conveyer belt at Karni, for a total of 270 trucks per… Continue reading

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Commitments Yet Unfulfilled

On Sunday, Israel’s Cabinet issued an encouraging statement promising to remove many of the restrictions on civilian goods entering Gaza, including those needed for economic activity. What has changed on the ground since the announcement and more generally, since international pressure mounted on Israel in the wake of the May 31 flotilla incident?… Continue reading

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