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Muhi: Generally Temporary: Film review and Gisha’s footnotes

Documentaries aren’t meant to produce movie stars, but “Muhi: Generally Temporary,” a new documentary by photojournalists Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander and Tamir Elterman certainly does. Muhammad El Farrah, or as he’s known in the film, Muhi, is a young Palestinian boy from Gaza with a rare medical condition. Continue reading

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Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words

April 10, 2016. Palestinian civil society organizations in Gaza, which operate in the space between government and the population, are strongly impacted by Israel’s separation policy. A new report published by Gisha, based on a series of meetings in Gaza with dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, shares the stories of the organizations and the challenges they face in their work as a result of the policy, as told in their own words. The report also gives a peek at the impressive work and tremendous potential of the third sector in Gaza. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about transparency

Those who choose to support us do so because of who we are; we don’t change because of who they are Continue reading

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Marking Human Rights Day in a home without a roof

Ayman Abu Odeh’s dilemma, whether to move to an inadequate, temporary housing unit, or hold on to what’s left of his family’s three-story building symbolizes the state of human rights in Gaza Continue reading

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International Women’s Day – Everywhere but Gaza

A delegation of women invited to Europe to speak about the plight of women living in armed conflict was not able to travel because, as a result of the conflict, their request to exit Gaza was denied. The irony might have been appreciated if it weren’t so infuriating. Continue reading

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Why we didn't criticize the actions of the border police

For some reason, no one has asked us why we, as a human rights organization, did not speak out about the two border police officers who were filmed grabbing and kicking a Palestinian child in Hebron. We think a few words on this issue are in order. Continue reading

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The ban on student travel between Gaza and the West Bank: Fatma Sharif's story

As the new academic year begins, meet Ms. Sharif, a lawyer from the Gaza Strip who wanted to reach her studies in democracy and human rights in the West Bank but was unable to do so. Continue reading

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