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Let them study

Hundreds of students from Gaza are enrolled in universities abroad for the coming academic year. Since Rafah Crossing remains closed most of the time, the only practical route goes through Israel. In theory, the Israeli authorities have no objection, so what’s the problem? Continue reading

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Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 Summary

A year that began in the shadow of operation “Pillar of Defense” and saw tunnel activity stopped almost completely by Egypt – 2013 was not an easy one for Gaza’s residents. An info sheet. Continue reading

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Mohammed Assaf’s not in Gaza anymore

According to legend, in order to get to the Arab Idol auditions, Mohammed Assaf had to bribe border guards, climb a wall, and sing to hotel security. So how does he slip in so easily to Ramallah? Simple: he won the competition. Continue reading

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Top security officials admit Israel’s policy prevents economic growth in Gaza

Updates on the debate inside the security sector, the destruction of the Gaza-Egypt tunnels and the expansion of Kerem Shalom. Continue reading

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What we want from Noam Chomsky

An article published by Noam Chomsky about his visit to Gaza made a lot of the noise on the net. What’s the problem? The facts. Continue reading

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The separation policy: three analysts, three perspectives

The election of Muhammed Mursi to the Egyptian presidency has led analysts in Israel and abroad to reflect anew on Israel’s policy vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip. We have selected three examples Continue reading

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Who turned out the lights in Gaza this time?

Even in coastal Gaza, it’s a cold, rainy February, and the power outages last an average of 12 hours each day, since Gaza’s power plant shut down Tuesday for lack of diesel. Fuel for generators, even for hospitals, is running low, and water and sewage pumping is disrupted. Continue reading

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Six more misconceptions about Gaza (the international edition)

In the last post, we attempted to delineate some of the common misconceptions or simplifications about Gaza, which, broadly speaking, are heard most often in Israel. This week, we’d like to list a few more that usually come at us from abroad. Continue reading

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The land crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt

The 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access marked the end of Israel’s military presence at the Rafah Crossing on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, yet allowed Israel to maintain substantial control over the terminal. This control was … Continue reading

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The population registry

Israel continues to control the Palestinian population registry which is common to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Any change made in these records requires Israel’s approval, including the registration of births, marriages, divorces, deaths or address changes. The … Continue reading

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