How many trucks enter the Gaza Strip? Who cares?

The IDF Spokesperson always makes sure to report how many trucks enter the Gaza Strip from Israel, but he puts a little less emphasis on how many trucks leave, so we decided to do his job for him. Continue reading

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Who turned out the lights in Gaza this time?

Even in coastal Gaza, it’s a cold, rainy February, and the power outages last an average of 12 hours each day, since Gaza’s power plant shut down Tuesday for lack of diesel. Fuel for generators, even for hospitals, is running low, and water and sewage pumping is disrupted. Continue reading

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A Metro in Gaza?

Muhammad Abu Sal is a Palestinian artist who wants to turn Gaza’s tunnels into a metro system for the Strip. A few words about a man daring to envision a new Gaza. Continue reading

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Minister Vilnai’s Time Travels

The answer of home front defense minister Matan Vilnai to a parliamentary question of MK Zahava Gal-On makes us wonder: Where was Vilnai in the last 4 years? Continue reading

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Six more misconceptions about Gaza (the international edition)

In the last post, we attempted to delineate some of the common misconceptions or simplifications about Gaza, which, broadly speaking, are heard most often in Israel. This week, we’d like to list a few more that usually come at us from abroad. Continue reading

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Six common misconceptions about Gaza that are so 2011

The civilian closure has been lifted? Israel gives Gaza money, electricity and water? Six Common Misconceptions about Gaza Continue reading

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Christmas, take II

COGAT didn’t bother to post a separate update notifying about its decision to change the criteria but instead chose to quietly alter the original notice posted on its website, the one that reported the “easings” in the first place Continue reading

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Who stole Christmas?

Whether they have been naughty or nice, at least two-thirds of Gaza’s approximately 1,500 Christians, including all those between the ages of 16-46 who are excluded from the gesture, won’t be able to celebrate the holiday with their family members Continue reading

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Al-Haq’s Rejoinder to Gisha’s ‘Scale of Control’ Report: Israel’s Continued Responsibility as the Occupying Power in the Gaza Strip

In November 2011, the Israeli human rights organisation Gisha published the position paper ‘Scale of Control: Israel’s Continued Responsibility in the Gaza Strip.’ Readjusting its own previous assessment of the situation in the Gaza Strip after the 2005 unilateral ‘disengagement’1,  … Continue reading

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We don’t have a problem with you, we have a problem with students

Israel’s security establishment has been preventing students from Gaza from studying in the West Bank since the year 2000, in a blanket ban. The students are not asked to undergo individual security checks; they are considered a security threat simply because they are students Continue reading

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