The revolution is coming… one truckload at a time

A new package of measures for Gaza were announced this week by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Quartet Envoy Tony Blair. What do the measures mean in real terms for Palestinian residents of Gaza? Continue reading

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A different kind of power struggle

The amount of industrial diesel transferred from Israel to the Gaza Strip has been nil for some weeks now. The fuel, needed to operate Gaza’s power plant, is usually transferred via the Kerem Shalom crossing Continue reading

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Gaza's dilemma: buildings or bread

Late last June, residents of Gaza received some long overdue good news. Israel declared a change in the closure policy: it promised to expand the operation of the active border crossings, open additional border crossings “if there is a need to further increase the capacity of the border crossings” and to allow the transfer of building materials for projects undertaken by international organizations. The Turkel Commission’s interim report published this week determined that these “easings” made the closure, which, according to the commission, was already kosher, more kosher still… Continue reading

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Gaza youth fire (words) in all directions

About three weeks ago, quietly and with no advertising, a new Facebook group opened, called “Gaza Youth Breaks Out”, featuring their “Gaza’s youth manifesto for change”, a brave, frank and direct call for human rights, freedom, normal life and peace. Before we could say “end the closure of Gaza” the group already had 8,365 “likes”… Continue reading

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We don't need Wikileaks to know what the closure is

It doesn’t take a Wikileaked cable to tell us that Israel’s policy towards Gaza has been one of economic warfare for the past several years, but yesterday’s article in Haaretz spelled it out again for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention. The article quotes a cable written by officials at the US… Continue reading

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Lately there ain't been much work on account of the economy

Recently, it has been suggested that Gaza’s economy shows signs of recovery. Yet, a closer look at the reality behind the numbers reveals a picture of limited economic activity, mostly fueled by external aid… Continue reading

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Gaza's Social Network

“People outside expect us all to be wrapped in keffiyehs … and to be stalwarts of the Palestinian cause every second of every day, and we feel we don’t want to disappoint them but we are human beings and sometimes we just want to blog about what’s on our mind… Continue reading

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Strawberry Fields Forever

This week the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced the “beginning of the export season” in the Gaza Strip. “The export season” entails the continuation of a short-term program, sponsored – from planting through to distribution – by the Dutch government. The program allows a few farmers in Gaza to sell strawberries and flowers in European markets. So far this week, 7 trucks have left the Strip. As has been the case in every year since June 2007… Continue reading

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If they haven’t bread, let them eat gravel

The eve of Eid al-Adha celebrated this week brought news of a shortage of flour in the Gaza Strip. For the past two weeks, traders and flour mill owners have warned of shortages of wheat in the Strip, claiming that the mills have been providing about half of their production capacity… Continue reading

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Who Controls the Palestinian Population Registry?

When the Palestinian Supreme Court in Ramallah issued a new ruling on 22.10.2010, commentators were quick to declare a breakthrough for the 35,000 Palestinian residents who live in the West Bank but whose registered addresses are in Gaza and who therefore live under the threat of deportation. The ruling ordered the Palestinian Interior Ministry to carry out all the necessary procedures to change these residents’ addresses from the Gaza Strip to the… Continue reading

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