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Not Always Coca Cola

When a Coca Cola bottling factory opened in Gaza in 2016, it was regarded as a rare source of hope for the Strip, promising to boost economic activity and provide over 200 jobs to Gaza residents. But even the world-famous megacorporation is not immune to the realities of Israel’s sanctions at Kerem Shalom. Continue reading

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Hand on the Switch

A new report by Gisha takes an in-depth look at the grim state of Gaza’s electricity, water, sewage and communications infrastructure. The report describes how we got to this point and, for the first time, outlines and analyzes the responsibility shared among the various actors at play in the Gaza Strip today. Continue reading

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Gisha, raining on the parade since 2005

The news releases put out by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) are always a paragon of optimistic writing and the latest is no exception. Unemployment is declining, export is on the rise. The optimism is contagious but only if you’re not very familiar with the data. Continue reading

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