In Focus

Gaza 2015: A few steps forward, several steps back
April 2016. Gisha’s analysis of data on access and movement from the first full year since Operation Protective Edge and explanation... (Read More)

Access Kit: A guide to procedures and protocols which regulate access Access Kit: A guide to procedures and protocols which regulate access
March, 2016. The procedures impact millions, while few are aware they can be found in writing.... (Read More)

The Gaza Cheat Sheet – Real Data on the Gaza Closure
February, 2016. In this information sheet you will find concise answers to questions such as: What is the economic situation in... (Read More)

Ten Years Later
September 2015. On September 11, 2005, the last Israeli soldier ostensibly left the Gaza Strip. Israel’s policy ever since has condemned... (Read More)

Made in Gaza
March, 2015. We held five focus groups, each one consisting of representatives of one of the following industries: furniture, food processing,... (Read More)

Gisha in Action

Meetings in Sderot with activists in the Movement for the Future of the Western Negev and Meretz Members of Knesset
May 16, 2016. The discussions also addressed how Israel continues to control the Gaza Strip since disengagement... (Read More)

New Gisha study about civil society organizations launched in Gaza with representatives of the organizations in attendance
April 20, 2016. This morning, Gisha’s latest study, Split Apart, was launched in the Gaza Strip. The study addresses the challenges... (Read More)

One day after going to court: Israelis allowed to return to their families
October 13, 2015. Authorities refused Israelis’ return to Gaza. After petitions were filed, approval suddenly... (Read More)

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