Israel bans sale of Gaza strawberries in the West Bank Israel bans sale of Gaza strawberries in the West Bank
January 13, 2015. According to the Palestinian Agricultural Coordinator in Gaza, Israel decided to prohibit the sale of strawberries from Gaza in the West Bank, after strawberry cartons from Gaza were found in Israeli markets (Read More)

Erez Crossing closed since Thursday Erez Crossing closed since Thursday
January 11, 2015. Erez Crossing has been functioning in a limited capacity since Thursday, January 8, due to a disagreement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Two infants and one man were reported to have died due to cold temperatures. (Read More)

37 students traveled abroad. 37 orphans stayed home 37 students traveled abroad. 37 orphans stayed home
December 31, 2014. Israel was prepared to issue permits to 140 out of 300 students who had asked to travel abroad to their studies via Israel. Hamas prevented 37 orphans from exiting the Strip to Israel, citing that their trip would constitute improper normalization. (Read More)

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The Gaza Cheat Sheet – Real Data on the Gaza Closure
January, 2015. In this information sheet you will find concise answers to questions such as: What is the economic situation in... (Read More)

Turning a new page: The end of the civilian closure and the possibilities it offers
August 2014. Alongside the need to rehabilitate the Strip, an opportunity has been created for fundamental change that will facilitate respect... (Read More)

Gaza Strip Map Gaza Strip Map
September 2013. A new and detailed map of the Gaza Strip. Source:... (Read More)

Gisha in Action

Received passports, but were compelled to leave their family
October 26, 2014. Two sisters born in Gaza to an Israeli mother are, by law, Israeli citizens themselves. Due to registration... (Read More)

She wanted to stay a little longer with her father and got stranded in Gaza.
May 28, 2014. When Sara (not her real name) decided to spend more time with her father in the Gaza Strip,... (Read More)

Military changes procedure in order to justify its refusal to allow a British student to enter the Gaza Strip
February 25, 2014. A British student requested to travel to Gaza in order to complete his research. Since the existing procedure... (Read More)

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