No Remedy No Remedy
26 November, 2015. Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee strikes in protest of Israel’s decision to limit entry of medical patients to Israel for treatment (Read More)

Gaza’s unemployment rate climbs to 42.7% Gaza’s unemployment rate climbs to 42.7%
November 12, 2015. Gaza had 201,900 unemployed in the third quarter of 2015. Unemployment among young people is 59.7% (Read More)

62 students from Gaza travel – significantly late – to academic institutions abroad 62 students from Gaza travel – significantly late – to academic institutions abroad
November 9, 2015. Israel allowed 62 students to travel to universities abroad (Read More)

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Gisha to the High Court: Allow a woman from Gaza to attend her own wedding
November 18,... (Read More)

The Gaza Cheat Sheet – Real Data on the Gaza Closure
October, 2015. In this information sheet you will find concise answers to questions such as: What is the economic situation in... (Read More)

Made in Gaza
March, 2015. We held five focus groups, each one consisting of representatives of one of the following industries: furniture, food processing,... (Read More)

A costly divide: Economic repercussions of separating Gaza and the West Bank
February 26, 2015. Gisha’s new position paper, “A costly divide”, looks at the economic ramifications of Gaza’s separation from the West... (Read More)

Gaza Strip Map Gaza Strip Map
September 2013. A new and detailed map of the Gaza Strip. Source:... (Read More)

Gisha in Action

One day after going to court: Israelis allowed to return to their families
October 13, 2015. Authorities refused Israelis’ return to Gaza. After petitions were filed, approval suddenly... (Read More)

Exhibition at Tel Aviv Cinematheque: Distant | Relatives
July 14, 2015. A new photography exhibition looks at the lives of 3 families divided between Gaza and West... (Read More)

S’s application were repeatedly refused even though she met the criteria
March 11, 2015. S met her son who is incarcerated in Israel only twice during the first eight years of his... (Read More)

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