No significant change No significant change
September 16, 2014. Crossings return to status quo ante the military operation, Gaza power station still out of commission, water infrastructure damage assessment completed. A snapshot while waiting for the promised reconstruction. (Read More)

The school year in Gaza began this morning, three weeks late The school year in Gaza began this morning, three weeks late
September 14, 2014. Approximately half a million students began the school year today, which had been postponed following the devastation caused during Operation Protective Edge. The 26 schools destroyed during the hostilities this summer add to the pre-existing shortage of some 200 schools. (Read More)

If you don’t want to harm civilians, prove it If you don’t want to harm civilians, prove it
September 10, 2014. Kenneth Mann, Gisha’s co-founder and chair of the board, published an op-ed in Haaretz today calling for a change in policy towards Gaza to allow access for the civilian population. (Read More)

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Turning a new page: The end of the civilian closure and the possibilities it offers
August 2014. Alongside the need to rehabilitate the Strip, an opportunity has been created for fundamental change that will facilitate respect... (Read More)

The Gaza Cheat Sheet – Real Data on the Gaza Closure
August, 2014. In this information sheet you will find concise answers to questions such as: What is the economic situation in... (Read More)

Gaza Strip Map Gaza Strip Map
September 2013. A new and detailed map of the Gaza Strip. Source:... (Read More)

Gisha in Action

She wanted to stay a little longer with her father and got stranded in Gaza.
May 28, 2014. When Sara (not her real name) decided to spend more time with her father in the Gaza Strip,... (Read More)

Military changes procedure in order to justify its refusal to allow a British student to enter the Gaza Strip
February 25, 2014. A British student requested to travel to Gaza in order to complete his research. Since the existing procedure... (Read More)

The unbearable lightness of imposing a security block
February 12, 2014. When a Palestinian from Gaza is branded with a security block or preclusion, he or she is not... (Read More)

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